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Doonan market report Oct 2017 - Oct 2018

The last three years have been excellent for Doonan. Not only three of the top five years in the number of sales, but the average and median prices are the best in the history of the suburb. The median has nudged over a million dollars for the first time. The rental demand in the suburb remains extremely bullish, and properties are hard to find.

Listings in the Doonan are well sought after and in high demand, with the number of top agents servicing the suburb increasing continually. As a home owner you have choice when listing.

Doonan offers the real estate market so much choice and diversity. From it’s gorgeous views, to acreage lifestyle, tranquility and community, Doonan has a wide selection for all. From it’s wildlife (no, not nightlife) great coffee, little known eateries, beautiful walks, proximity to sea, accessibility to shopping and schooling whilst hosting the nicest people on the Sunny Coast. All this as it continues to offer peaceful tranquility and privacy (as you prefer).

So lets see what transpired over the last twelve months. What’s been happening in the market?

Doonan has just over 1500 properties, with just over 5.5% currently on the market – this is a little higher than the average, but not unusually so.  Average days on market is currently just over 3 months, and traditionally spring is the best sales turnover months. With winter, when it is customarily a little slower. However, the range is vast from a mere 4 days to a lengthy 992 days, very similar to the massive pricing discrepancies, ranging from $290,000.00 to $ 13,100,000.00.

In the last 12 months we have seen:

106 properties sold in Doonan – up from 96 sold the 12 months previous to that an average house sales value of $ 1,098,071 (in one month)– up from an average of $850,000 for the previous 12 months, Likewise, average land sales value of just under $512,000, up from an average of $416,250.


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