Choice Property Company Values

Our thoughts on the importance of defining company values: 

  • Values are a set of principles that govern and guide who we are, and who we must be. They set the standard as to how we show up every day.
  • Values are important in self-governance, and their importance is only magnified when applied to leading and governing a team.
  • The principles defined within a business guide the decisions made within the business, and therefore the very nature of the business’s ability to deliver an exceptional level of service.

At Choice Property, we have defined a set of 10 values that we would like to see as the foundation of company. They are dynamic, and will be updated as the business grows and expands. Their essence will remain consistent.

It is important to us that we share our values, as we hold ourselves accountable by them.

The 10 Choice Property values:
1. Always bring your best game
2. Do more with less - become a master of leverage
3. Take ownership of your own growth
4. Find your inner positivity and radiate it
5. Take care of your body so that your mind can be fully present and capable
6. Strive for excellence in all areas
7. Be fully present and committed to the vision
8. Have an action mindset and be outcome focused
9. Always be true to your word
10. Find solutions