Useful links for both tenants and landlords 

The rental management process is full of legislation and guidelines that facilitate making the relationship between tenant, agent and landlord, and the associated responsibilities of each, as clear as possible.

Below is a list of useful links to assist all parties in understanding the Qld rental process. You can browse at your leisure..... or give us a call if anything needs clarifying. 


Residential Tenancy Authority: Information for owners

Residential Tenancy Authority: Information for tenants

Residential Rooming and Accommodation Fact sheet - with link to Rooming and Accommodation Act 2008

Office Of Fair Trading: Property Industry Regulation

Smoke Alarms legislation in QLD

Smoke Alarm – Residential Tenancy Authority

Water Fact Sheet

Rent Payments and Holding deposits Fact Sheet

Understanding Breaches of the Tenancy

Pocket guide to tenancy for tenants