Choice Property Company Values

Values are a set of principles that govern and guide how we show up every day. Every decision we make is filtered against these principles – ensuring that we all act with the highest integrity in every personal and business action we take

Our 10 COMPANY values are:

  1. We believe in people and believe happiness is the single most powerful tool for productivity
  2. We have an entrepreneurial spirit, yet keep it simple
  3. Constant improvement means we innovate to stay on the leading edge of the changing times we find ourselves in
  4. Integrity: We are honest, open, ethical, and fair. People trust us to adhere to our word, and we stand up for what we believe in
  5. Quality: What we do, we do well
  6. Leadership: The courage to shape a better future
  7. Collaboration ensures that we leverage collective genius
  8. Passion means we use our drive and commitment to energise, engage and inspire others
  9. We are cost conscious which ensures we deliver the best values to our clients and suppliers alike
  10. We focus on serving first

Our 10 AGENT values:

  1. Always bring your best game
  2. Do more with less - become a master of leverage
  3. Take ownership of your own growth
  4. Find your inner positivity and radiate it
  5. Take care of your body so that your mind can be fully present and capable
  6. Strive for excellence in all areas and ensure you are fully present and committed to the vision
  7. Be service driven, and outcome focused
  8. Retain your integrity in all your interactions. Engage with courage
  9. Always be true to your word
  10. Find solutions